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2021-10 SABS RDP Motor Test System
2021-09 HHTesting Tiny Brushless Motor Test System
2021-08 Dongcheng power tool Test System
2021-07 NQSIC Motor Efficiency Test System
2021-06 Loctek Desk Lift Motor Test System
2021-05 CloudMinds Robot Serv motor Test System

Shanghai Angui Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd
. has been set up good reputation with its near 20-year rich experience in dynamometer design and motor test system.

You can find AnguiME's motor testing systems in all kinds of certification labs, testing stations, the world leading factories, as well as electric, hydraunic and pneumatic electric machineries, gas engine and pumping users and authentication institutions. We successfully provides thousand of motor test systems to many industries, such as Automobile,Aviation, Heating/Ventilation/Air-conditioning, Garden Tools, Medical/Dental devices, Plane/Ship/Car Model, Electromotion, Office Devices ,Robot Servo Motor and Power Tools etc..

In here,you can find out different kinds of dynamometers ,controllers and Customized Motor Test Systems (CMTS) to meet your motor test requiremrnts.


  Robot-Servo Motor Test System: the comprehensive performance test of robot's permanent magnet servo motor, driver and reduce. more details...>>
  Fault Analysis&Test System for Robot Servo Motor: Analyze the fault of servo motor in the different erro load. more details...>>

  Servo-Dynamometer Motor Test System: using Servo motor as dynamometer, system can load or drive by constant torque or speed in a large range of power. more details...>>

  B/E Method Test System for 3-phase induction Motor: determining losses and efficiency from test accroding the IEC 60034-2-1:2007. more details...>>

  Micro-Torque(50mNm and below) Motor Test System: the special torque sensor made by ourselves in the dynamometer with high accuracy. more details...>>

  Static-Stall Torque Test System for Power Tools: test static-stall torque or tripping torque of different kinds of power tools and garden tools. more details...>>


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