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Shanghai Angui Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co,.Ltd is professional in R&Ding and producing high-quality dynamometers and motor test systems. Our leader has more than 50 years dynamometer and motor test experience, and consist of senior hardware experts, professional software engineers, experienced CAD mechanical designer and many young, skillful and positive technicians.

Mr. Yuan XianDa, the company founder, has 50 years background in dynamometer research and development. He graduated in 1964 and was engaged in dynamometer in the research institute under the National Ministry of mechanized industry. During his work, he designed out the first hysteresis dynamometers series and motor test system of China, by which he won many ministry and nation awards. The dynamometer in his charge of was technical transferred to factories in Zhejiang province many times by his institute in those days, which started the mass manufacturing of dynamometer system in china. On 2000, Our company was established, and since that time, the quality of dynamometer system in china was continuously developed to the high level. On 2003, at the invitation of Black&Decker company in USA, we go aboard for learning the new advanced technology and standard of motor/power tools test, and after this technology exchange, we has become more and more professional in the motor test field. On 2005, we successfully developed the AG38 motor test controller powered by 32bit ARM chip, which is earlier than Magtrol’s similar controller. On 2012, under the guidance of Germany specialist from VALEO, we successfully product out the advanced “Motor Test system for automobile VM4 series” in the world, and have the perfect solution of testing motor with MCU and Lin/Can bus control. After more than ten years’ continuous innovation and development, and based on good reputation of continuously providing the high-quality motor system to the domestic and overseas customers, we have become the manufacture of high quality dynamometer system in China. ”Ask anguime for high quality dynamometer system, refer to anguime for the special motor test technology”, which has become the word of mouth spread in our customers.

The major products of our company are:
1. Five dynamometer series: CC Hysteresis Dynamometers Series, CF Magnetic Powder Dynamometers Series, CE eddy current dynamometers, SF servo(electric) dynamometers and CS micro torque dynamometers(contact and contactless)
2. The core special motor test controller –AG38 motor test controller and many derived models(DC/AC durability test controller, noload durability test controller, peak torque test controller,etc)
3.The professional test software(performance test, durability test and quick pass/fail test) and many other customized software(cogging torque test, transient response test, etc)
4.Three dimensional workbench and customized special fixture.
5.Many electric-safe instruments, and AC/DC power sources

Our dynamometer system is designed for small motor, middle motor, brushless motor, sevo motor, automobile motor, power tools, generator, gas engine, water pump, etc. and we provide quick pass/fail test online, performance test and durability test in lab, and other special test for those motors.

Our motor test system is widely used in many famous certification institutes(such as TUV,TUV-PS,DEKRA,BV, SGS, etc); power tools manufactures(such as Black&Decker, Matabo, Central Purchasing, Interskol, etc);national quality institute(such as SEARI,CVC, SETRI, Quality and technology supervision of Jiangsu Province, Inspection and Research Institute for Product Quality of Fujian Province, etc); famous automobile manufactures(such as BOSCH, VALEO,UAES, STEC, FAW, etc); many motor manufactures(such as AIRMATE, Electrolux, Midea, Emerson, Philips, Moons, YungTay, etc)and many university, military and research institute.

The goals: Keep the top level of dynamometer industry in China, try to achieve the International leading level.
The principles: innovation, high technology, high quality and honest service