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  2020-01-09 AnguiME provides ABB 80KW PMSM Servo Motor Test System. New
  2019-12-04 AnguiME provides ShuaiTai Aeromodel Motor Test System. New
  2019-11-22 AnguiME provides SEARI servo Motor Test System for National Robot Test and Assessment Center. New
  2019-10-13 AnguiME provides GuangYuan PMSM motor test system(Military).
  2019-09-26 AnguiME provides Central Purchasing, Inc power tools test system.
  2019-08-02 AnguiME provides BOSCH Fault analysis system for automobile BLDC EPS motor.
  2019-07-19 AnguiME provides Shanghai SIASUN PMSM Servo motor test system.
  2019-06-05 AnguiME provides ADIENT Vibration Test system for seat rail.
  2019-05-22 AnguiME provides BoErMan automobile Seat Motor Performance Test system.
  2019-04-06 AnguiME provides Ken Power Tools Co.,Ltd high speed eddy-current dynamometer system.
  2019-03-10 AnguiME provides FAW automobile Windows regulator Motor Performance Test system.
  2019-02-20 AnguiME provides SABS automobile Brake Motor Performance Test system.
  2019-01-13 AnguiME provides DARE Oil Pump Motor Test System.
  2018-12-12 AnguiME provides ADIENT Windows Regulator Motor Durability Test System.
  2018-11-03 AnguiME provides Yongkang JINDU Power Tools Test System.
  2018-10-20 AnguiME provides GLOBE BLDC Motor Test System for their electric Mower.
  2018-09-07 AnguiME provides JiaShan JINLU Pulling Motor Test System.
  2018-08-13 AnguiME provides RuiAn DEYE Cooling Fan Motor Test System.
  2018-07-06 AnguiME provides Yanfeng Adient Seat Motor Test System.
  2018-06-22 AnguiME provides DEKRA Certification Lab power tools test system.
  2018-05-12 AnguiME provides Yongkang Jindu power tools test system.
  2018-04-03 AnguiME provides Valeo VM4 front wiper motor test system.
  2018-03-16 AnguiME provides Ken Power Tools Co.,Ltd high speed eddy-current dynamometer system.
  2018-02-01 AnguiME provides 726 Institute PMSM motor test system (Military).
  2018-01-05 AnguiME provides Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ultrasonic motor test system.
  2017-12-25 AnguiME provides TUV Rheinland Certification Lab power tools test system.
  2017-11-12 AnguiME provides 503 Institute areospace motor&driver test system (Military)
  2017-10-23 AnguiME provides Brose BLDC motor test system for automobile cooling fan motor.
  2017-09-13 AnguiME provides United Automotive Electronic System BLDC motor test system for automobile oil pump.
  2017-08-07 AnguiME provides ACCELERATED SYSTEMS.Inc In-wheel motor test system for their ebike in Europe.
  2017-07-06 AnguiME provides 21 Institute Servo motor(PMSM) test system.(Military).
  2017-06-20 AnguiME provides Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.Group BLDC Motor Test System for automobile oil pump.
  2017-05-15 AnguiME provides Tsinghua University Motor Test System.
  2017-04-05 AnguiME provides UAE Dubai Central Laboratory Performance Test & Temperature Rise Test system for power tools (Export).
  2017-03-02 AnguiME provides 803 Institute areospace motor&driver test system.(Military).
  2017-02-07 AnguiME provides BOSCH performance test system for automobile BLDC EPS motor.
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