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Because there are many kinds of motors in the car, different motor has its own requirements. ANGUIME has successfully developed several kinds of automobile motor test systems to meet these motors' requirements, which cover from simple performance test to complex durability test in environment chamber; from quick pass/fail test to instantaneous load test.
ANGUIME has rich experience of test system in power/garden tools feild, we have provided many performance test, temperature rise test and durability test systems for manys famous foreign and domestic power/garden tools manufaturers, certification centers, trading companys, and helped them to build the test labs.
With the house appliances more and more widely used, people are growing concern over their appliances' reliability, and our customers are also gradually fousing on the total performance test of motors used in those appliances. ANGUIME have done many successful solutions in the house appliance's motor test, and accumulated a wealth of experience in those test systems.
There are many kinds of small & micro motor such as traditional series motor, permanent megnetic dc motor, induction motor and newtype serv motor, stepper motor, etc, however the motor's efficiency and life is always the core foused by customers. ANGUIME has perfect test solutions in these two aspects,so customers can flexiblly chose the composition of them.
With the rich experience of small-power motor test system, ANGUIME has successfully supplied automobile generator test system, gas engine test system and middle power motor test system which can test from tens kilowatt to hundreds kilowatt. And according to our customers' fields, We also provides different professional motor test systems to meet their requirements.