• Dr. John McEwan

    Dr. John McEwan is an ENT specialist,with more than 20 years’ experience.

    He sees patients in clinic and is available for out-of-hours house calls.

    He admits his patients to The City Hospital,on a routine or urgent basis.

  • Sohar Clinic

    Sohar Clinic is a specialist Ear,Nose and Throat (ENT) in Dubai

    04 346-5262

  • Sohar Clinic
    Sohar Clinic

    # 1009 , First Floor

    Entrance B

    Mazaya Centre

    Shikh zayed Road



  • Our services include:

    *hearing testing

    *ear cleaning (with microscope)

    *nasal endoscopy

    *throat inspection with endoscope

    * home sleep evaluation

    *Diving medical assessment

    * routine blood tests

Our services

  The conditions that we treat include:

 Ear/hearing problems;earache

 Dizziness/ringing in the ears

 Nasal blockage,’sinus’,nasal allergy,injuries to the nose & problems with smell sense

 Throat and voice disorders,i.e. sore throat,husky voice

 Snoring,sleep disorders,sleep apnoea- adults and children

 Neck lumps

 Aviation Medicine ENT Assessment: for pilots,cabin crew and passengers’ fitness to travel.

 GCAA licensing.

 Children’s ENT problems,including hearing loss,speech delay,nasal problems,sore throat,snoring/sleep problems and neck lumps.


 Our services include:

  • hearing testing
  • ear cleaning (with microscope)
  • nasal endoscopy
  • throat inspection with endoscope
  • home sleep evaluation
  • Diving medical assessment
  • routine blood tests


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